En Garde is a consulting firm specialised in safeguarding for sports organisations

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Safeguarding in sport why it is so important ?


Our Mission

En Garde works with national and international sporting bodies to make sure their sport ecosystems are safe for children, athletes, and all vulnerable stakeholders by providing strategic safeguarding advice, education, training and advocacy.

Our Services

Safeguarding & Compliance Audit

En Garde has developed a methodology to assess the level of your organisation's safeguarding compliance with applicable laws and global best practices. Based on this assessment, En Garde provides strategic recommendations for the organisation to follow.

Safeguarding Education & Training

En Garde develops educational tools and programmes tailored for your sport and your stakeholders.

Safeguarding Advocacy

En Garde speaks directly to your sport's community to inspire them to support a safe culture and support you to become a safeguarding leader in sport.

Our Values


We are vigilant about what happen on the playing field and we are on our guard when it comes to child protection and abuse & harassment in sport. We are ready to fight and respond when abuse & harassment does take place.


We love sport and we are competitive, we thrive for excellence and encourage people to be the best they can be.


Respect is everything to our company. Respect of Human Rights above all.

About Us

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Mathilde Grenet


Mathilde is originally from Paris, now based in Lausanne, and has worked in sport for the last 10 years (Lagardère Sports and International Hockey Federation). Mathilde is passionate about sport and has a strong athletic background having formerly been a NCAA tennis player for the University of South Carolina.

Child Safeguarding in Sport is a topic which resonates very profoundly with her as she is a survivor of sexual abuse having been abused by her tennis coach in her youth. While she was going through a legal battle against this coach from 2014 to 2021, together with three other victims, she created the association Rebond aimed at preventing sexual violence in sports and providing holistic support to victims. Rebond is now partnered with the French Tennis Federation (FFT) in its drive towards safeguarding in tennis. 

Following the conclusion of the trial against her perpetrator and his subsequent 18 year jail sentence, she decided to leave her Event Manager job at the International Hockey Federation at the end of January 2022 in order to pursue a full-time career in safeguarding. 

In May 2022 she founded En Garde in order to help the key global sporting actors to implement appropriate and essential policies and procedures. These are supplemented by adapted educational programmes & training methods to efficiently prevent and respond to non-accidental violence in sport and make sure sport remains a fun place and a wonderful school of life. 

In February 2022 Mathilde was selected to be become a member of the Pool of International Experts on Safe Sport at the Council of Europe. 

Mathilde holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Marketing from the University of South Carolina, together with a MBA in Strategic Human Resources & Sustainability from the University of São Paulo and a Master in Sports Organization Management from the University Catholique de Louvain.

Mathilde speaks 4 languages, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. 

What our clients say:

Il y a beaucoup à faire dans la sensibilisation et la prise en charge d'éventuelles victimes de violences sexuelles dans le sport! Les langues se délient mais il faut une belle énergie pour affronter cette thématique. Mathilde conjugue cette énergie et son expérience malheureuse pour mettre à notre disposition toute sa résilience de façon constructive. J'ai eu l'occasion de faire appel à ses services dans le cadre d'une campagne locale avec nos clubs sportifs " Repérer, alerter, secourir".

Elle a préparé une excellente formation adaptée à nos besoins basiques: définitions, cadre juridique puis présentation de bonnes pratiques. Depuis que je l'ai rencontrée, il y a quelques mois, son discours a su s'adapter, de l'émotion pure à l'élaboration des distances pédagogiques nécessaires, elle devient un guide bienveillant pour ses interlocuteurs.

Si Mathilde Grenet cultive dorénavant la sensibilisation aux violences sexuelles auprès de différentes fédérations, afin que tous les enfants puissent pratiquer un sport en sécurité, ce n'est pas un hasard! Son cabinet "En Garde" lui en donne le cadre. Faites appel à elle vous verrez que vous ne vous trompez pas.


Direction Politique de la Ville de Sarcelles et Participation des Habitants (Aout 2022)
Mathilde Grenet from En Garde supported us at European Athletics at a crucial point of our Safeguarding programme development. She has been involved with the European Athletics Safeguarding Working Group to support the preparation and be a speaker at some awareness-raising and educational activities for some specific target groups and events (2022 Young Leaders Forum, 2022 Convention, 2022 EA Staff Training). As a survivor, she is able to share a first-hand experience that helps change the current status quo in Sports today and tomorrow. She is also very determined to be hands-on and support our organisation to be leading by example while supporting our 51 Member Federations.

Karin Grute MOVIN

Executive Board Member, European Athletics (2022)
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Dans le cadre des séminaires organisés pour les Fédérations sportives internationales, Mathlide a su par son expertise et son professionnalisme, poser un cadre clair, échanger des bonnes pratiques, et partager différents projets. Les participants ont également apprécié l’énergie et la passion dont elle fait preuve pour sensibiliser son auditoire afin que les choses changent ! Merci Mathilde


Ville de Lausanne
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